National Wine Museum of Alcobaça

Alcobaça proudly has the largest national wine collection presented in the form of a museum. The museum is located at the old Olival Fechado cellar, and is definitely the most comprehensive and richest space dedicated to Portuguese wines.

Considered by many as the "Sanctuary of the Portuguese wine", the museum is a must not only to wine lovers, but everyone else.

This is the only space where you will find magnificent informational and statistical tables dated from the Estado Novo period. It proudly holds a collection of 10.000 pieces gathered by Manuel Augusto Paixão Marques. For over decades, Manuel gathered what would then be the most complete collection of wines.

Lose yourself to the wonderful wine culture of the place and enjoy the rare items on display, such as the Alentejo carvings from the 17th and 18th centuries, as well as the vast collections of industrial and ethnological archeology of the 19th and 20th centuries.

This museum is, in essence, a place dedicated to provide you with unique sensations and experiences. After all, where in the world can you find a museum that allows to wanderand enter warehouses that once stored wines?

The answer? Here, at National Wine Museum of Alcobaça!

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