Roman Theatre

The archaeological excavations and the restorations of the area where the first remains of the theatre were discovered took place from 1996 until 2003. Since then, this stunning ancient Roman theatre is open to everyone that visits Cartagena.

Discovered in the '80s by accident, the Roman Theater was "hidden" under a rather crowded part of the city.

When visiting the Roman Theatre Museum of Cartagena, you can learn more about the urban evolution of the city through the exhibition of archaeological objects recovered during the excavations, such as ceramic objects and items of daily use. There is also a room exclusively dedicated to a collection of monumental architecture composed of original pieces and a maquette of the theater that explains the techniques used in the initial construction.

In order to reach the theatre, you will have to go through the Archaeological Corridor, which is an underground corridor located underneath the Church of Santa Maria. The corridor takes you on a journey throughout the evolution of this monument, presenting its earliest foundations and the Islamic Medina Walls, along with some modifications that have been carried out in different times.

At the end of the visit, you will reach the monumental theatre, which has the capacity for about 7.000 people. Built in one of the highest locations of the city, the theatre's grandiose and luxurious structure impressed everyone arriving to Cartagena by boat.

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