Raiano Cultural Center | Idanha-a-Nova

Located in Idanha-a-Nova, at Avenida Joaquim Morão Lopes Dias, the Centro Cultural Raiano constitutes the center of disciplinary, technical and that develops and coordinates the basic actions of research, preservation and communication referenced in the cultural heritage, assuming a preponderant role in the cultural programming of the Municipality of Idanha-a-Nova.

CCR is a great congregator of various cultural expressions. Rurality is its matrix, as is well evident in the permanent exhibition "Agriculture in the fields of Idanha".

Project authored by architect Luís Marçal Grilo, the Centro Cultural Raiano extends for about 2800 m2.

It comprises several exhibition halls, an auditorium with about 260 places, multipurpose and working spaces, distributed around a large interior garden.

Completing this set, on the outside, is the amphitheatre with capacity for about 1000 seats.

Over 20 years of activity, has presented a diversified range of productions, both in the component of the arts of the show, in the museological aspect, responsible for much of the recognition that Idanha-a-Nova has collected, in Portugal and abroad, for its dynamism and cultural programming.

Adress: Avenida Joaquim Morão Lopes Dias 6060-713 Idanha-a-Nova

Telephone: 277 202 900

Email: ccr@cm-idanhanova.pt

Web Site: https://www.cm-idanhanova.pt/areas/cultura/centro-cultural-raiano.aspx

Obs: Português

Social Networks: https://pt-pt.facebook.com/CCRaiano/

Shedule:  9h00 às 13h00 e das 14h00 às 17h00

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