Monastery Santa Clara-a-Velha

Founded by D. Mor Dias in 1283, it was extinguished in 1311 after a violent feud between this nun and the Crosiers (monks from Santa Cruz Monastery). In 1314, Holly Queen Elizabeth refounded the Monastery of Santa Clara-a-Velha, after the death of D. Dinis retired to this Convent, having been buried here after her death. 

The tomb in which it was originally buried can be seen at the Santa Clara-a-Nova Monastery.

Architecturally the highlight goes to the cloister and church for their size, and to the stone vault that covers the three symmetrical naves.

Due to the floods of the Mondego River it was eventually abandoned and went into ruins.

In the 20th century after excavations and extensive restoration work, the Monastery can be visited and it also counts with an Interpretive Center, where objects found during excavation are exposed and that are structured according to the monastic experience, the history of the site and its requalification are presented using audiovisual means.