The Gualterianas , celebrated in honor of San Gualter, take place in Guimarães from 1906, always in the first weekend of August.

Thousands of Vimaranenses and visitors mark a meeting in the city where Portugal was born to participate in the festivities.

The program of the Gualterianas maintains the tradition with the Parade of Charters or the Majestic Procession of S. Gualter. The festivities end with the mythical Gualteriana March that runs through the city with its floats.

The high point of the City Festivals, the parade of floats, began in 1906. The following year, it went out on the street under the name of "Milaneza", only being adopted the name "Gualterianas" in 1932. Now known as the " March Gualteriana ", is considered the jewel of the crown, in the City Festivities.

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