Carthaginians and Romans

Phoenicians, Greeks, Carthaginians and Romans, Byzantines and Arabs, over the centuries have left their historical marks in the city of Cartagena.

Each September, Cartagena lives within history, recreating a magical setting that will take you on a journey of 2200 years ago in time.

The festivities recreate the 2nd Punic War, as does General Hannibal and his conqueror, Cornelius Scipio. The commemorations begin with the foundation of Qart-Hadast by Asdrúbal in 223 b.C and end with the Roman victory in the year 209 b.C.

During ten days of celebration are recreated and lived - with the participation of residents and visitors - all marked events during the rule of the Carthaginians, as well as the defeat and occupation by the Romans.

In the second half of September, the inhabitants dress strictly and relive the history of Cartagena. In the city there are great parades that bring to the street clothing and armament of the Carthaginian troops and Roman legions, revealing the creativity and commitment of the party groups that elaborate the robes and the whole scene.

In a huge enclosure there are 50 groups of Carthaginians and Romans who assemble the camp and recreate a great city with an atmosphere that transports the visitor to antiquity.

Music, color, pyrotechnics, recreations, vintage markets, old and modern gastronomy, parades, games and the traditional baptisms of young partygoers will be part of the day-to-day of this city during the festivities.

You can also watch Hannibal's wedding with the Princess Himilce, the oracle of the Tanit Goddess and the arrival of the beloved Carthaginian. Witness the abduction of a beautiful maiden or the invasions of enemy tents by the warriors of Rome and Carthago.

Embark on this adventure and know the whole history lived between Carthaginians and Romans.