Thalasso Nazareth

In the middle of Nazareth beach, come and enjoy this modern thalassotherapy center. The reinvention of the old hot baths of Nazareth will give you unforgettable moments of well-being or cure the symptoms that torment your daily life! Here the therapeutic properties of living seawater and the marine environment are used for well-being and health purposes.

Seawater, combined with relaxing massage techniques, helps to overcome depressions, insomnia, fatigue and physical weakness.

It has an analgesic effect, especially in chronic or acute pain that attacks the spine and extremities, and allows a correct activation of blood in the arteries and veins, fighting the sensation of tired legs.

It also has the "power" to cleanse, detoxify and promote the good condition of the skin. This water also helps to improve breathing, especially in case of upper airway disorders.

Thalassotherapy is a therapeutic treatment based on the use, under medical supervision and in an environmentally sound marine, of the properties of seawater, algae and marine mud. The use of heat and balneotherapy and massage techniques favor the absorption of mineral salts present in the marine elements through the pores of the skin, in a natural remineralization process, thus achieving beneficial health effects.


Rheumatological disorders, diseases and allergies of the airways, circulatory and lymphatic system (varicose veins, edema, tired leg disease, dermatology, weight loss, sleep disorders, anxiety, stress and depressive states.


Seawater contains basic elements in the proportions required by our cells to maintain their integrity and balance, making it a natural method of remineralizing the body. The action of the thermal changes of sea water, the continuous massage caused by the movement of water and the fresh air of the marine environment favor the absorption of minerals by the pores of our skin.

The use of seawater for therapeutic purposes is almost as old as human civilization. Over the centuries, thalassotherapy has shown visible results in the relief various pathologies.

Marine treatments are particularly effective in combating rheumatic diseases. In the history of Nazareth Hot Salted Baths, the testimonials left by users point to a great decrease and even elimination of pain, improvement of muscle state and increased range of joint movements.