Popular Holidays from Viseu

The month of June brings the Feast of Parishes, the Marches of the Popular Saints, the Cavalhadas de Vildemoinhos and the Cavalhadas de Teivas to the garden city.

Unique celebrations of appreciation of identity and local traditions that bring spirit, revelry, color and animation to the streets of Viseu.

Popular Saints' March

It takes place in June where the saints and traditions are celebrated. The usual procession of children's, youth and senior marches with harmonious animation, music and choreography. Every year a contest is held to elect a theme inspired by Viseu and Portuguese folk traditions, which is performed by all marching groups on the day of the parade.

Cavalhadas of Teivas

It is held in June, in this festivity we can observe a parade of floats, accompanied by drums and fanfares, which is not lacking the traditional "Dance of Morgadinha", with the pairs in their colorful costumes.

Vildemoinhos Cavalhadas

Parade every year in the month of Santos Populares, on St. John's Day (June 24) in a parade of animation and floats. Its origin dates back to the year 1652, and constitutes an annual ritual of thanksgiving to St. John.