The Coin Caves

The story goes that in 1971, two hunters discovered these caves while chasing a fox through the woods. Upon entering the caves, they were amazed by the beauty of the several galleries and its limestone formations.

Today, it is possible to go on a guided tour. The caves can be visited to an extent of 350 meters and they are 45 meters deep beneath the entrance height.

When visiting the caves, you will be impressed by the many galleries within the caves, such as the Lake of Happiness, the Nativity Scene, the Water's Grotto, the Shepherd's Room, the Waterfall, the Red Cupola, the Maritime Room, the Flawed Chapel, the Red Dome and the Spring of Tears.

You can also visit the Scientific and Environmental Interpretation Centre, and find out more about the formation of the cave and its biodiversity. This centre allows you to understand the importance of limestone in the region and how it came to influence people's lives.

The centre also has a huge and diverse collection of minerals and fossils, which makes this exhibition unique in Portugal.

There is also a shop where you can get a fossil as a souvenir in order to remember this remarkable visit. The caves and its hidden wonders underneath the Earth provide kids and adults an experience they will never forget.

The caves are located just 2 kilometers away from Fatima!

If you'd like more information about how to get there and to visit, please visit