Coimbra's University Tower

The University Tower, located at the entrance of General Studies, ex-libris of the city of Coimbra, dating from the 18th century. It is about 34 meters high, with 180 steps, and offers an amazing panoramic view over the city of Coimbra. 

In it stands the clock (19th century), one of them facing the river, as well as the bells, which are still part of the Coimbra's academic life. 

The bells are three: the source is the largest, the balloon, 1561; to the west is the goat, remelted in 1900; to the north, the male goat, dated 1824.

At present, as in the past, "the bells also summon the academic community to the solemn acts performed of the Great Hall, just as they ring in the funeral tone for the death of a teacher."

Another must-visit place at the University of Coimbra.