Tilles Room

As you make your way back to the corridors you can head to the classrooms area. One in particular, the Classroom of tiles, stands out from the others because it was decorated with beautiful tile panels from the 18th century that display rural and hunting scenes

This was the great hall of acts, a place where final examinations were given to students at the end of the Theology course. The classroom also held a annual solemn ceremony for the opening of classes that included a "Prayer of Wisdom" delivered by a person - carefully chosen - from the professor's chair. The chair is still at its original location, in the back of the classroom.

The walls are coated with tiles from a factory owned by Domingos Vandelli, an Italian university professor who was brought by Marquis of Pombal, during the introduction of a new educational reform, to teach Physical and Chemical Sciences at the University of Coimbra.